• Comparing Electric and Hybrid Cars MPG

    When making a comparison of electric and hybrid cars, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a large number of different factors that can contribute to the decision to purchase one or the other. Among these is the MPG rating, or mile per gallon, of each vehicle. Read on for a brief comparison of electric and hybrid cars in terms of their fuel efficiency as it results in a mileage rating.

    Electric Cars

    Electric cars oftentimes get slightly lower mileage ratings than hybrid cars. This is for a few reasons. Electric engines are much more efficient with the fuel they use, but they’re also less powerful. Therefore, it can be very difficult for an electric car to navigate certain types of terrain, which causes the MPG rating to go up considerably. Additionally, electric cars are typically very small and lightweight, and they suffer considerably when too much passenger or cargo weight is present. This also raises the MPG rating.

    Hybrid Cars

    Hybrid cars have generally higher ratings for MPG. This is because of their ability to alternate between electrical and gas power as needed. This flexibility allows them to adapt to the situation and get excellent mileage.

    Diesel Hybrid Cars

    Clean diesel cars are amongst the highest rated cars on the road in terms of MPG. These cars tend to be luxury only and are quite a bit more expensive up front than standard hybrid or electric vehicles, however.

    Speak with a dealer for additional information about the MPG ratings for your favorite vehicles.