• Comparing an American and Japanese Electric Car Vehicle

    An electric car or vehicle is one that uses electric motors for propulsion. As governments have come to realize the harmful effects on the environment and climate from old industrial technology, emphasis has been placed on the development of new, eco-friendly technologies and auto manufacturers are competing with each other to provide consumers with electric vehicles.

    Advantages of Electric Vehicles

    Electric cars are smaller in size and lighter and, once they are produced in larger numbers, they will be less expensive to purchase than conventional cars. They are cheaper to maintain and have a longer life than conventional cars. They are extremely quiet, have no combustion, no CO2 emissions, and no air pollution. They give better mileage, are easy to navigate and easy to park. When you buy an electric car, you can avail of tax credits from the government, as the US is keen to promote these environment-friendly cars.

    Comparing American and Japanese Electric Cars

    There are several factors to be considered when comparing American electric cars to Japanese electric cars. When it comes to sturdiness, American cars are much stronger than Japanese imports. With regards to technology, the Japanese are far ahead and they have been setting standards that are followed by the other car manufacturers around the world. The exteriors and interiors of Japanese cars are better designed, fit perfectly and the motors are more efficient. Around 30 years back, Japanese cars were considered to be flimsy while American cars were built like tanks. However, rising fuel and labor prices have made American auto companies compromise on quality, to make profits. Although American cars are still catching up, the Japanese auto manufacturers are now producing safer and more reliable vehicles with the latest technological features. Currently, Japanese electric cars are safer, more powerful, have a better range, are more fuel efficient and have lower emissions. They also have better quality and reliability than American electric cars. Japanese cars require less maintenance as well. The Japanese auto manufacturers are able to market their cars better. They have very successful advertising campaigns that help them become more popular among consumers. American manufacturers on the other hand need to concentrate on advertising a lot more than they do at present. With the government encouraging manufacturers to build better and more affordable electric cars that have more range and can be recharged quickly, American auto manufacturers will be able to develop technologies that are  better than those used by Japanese manufacturers and will be able to produce larger numbers of quality, luxury electric cars with a lot of style and appeal. Electric cars will no longer be restricted to 2-seater, 3-wheeled cars but will be available as 5-door, 5-seaters and trucks and SUV’s capable of towing loads.

    There are several American auto manufacturers such as Tesla, Chevrolet, Fisker Karma and Aptera that are manufacturing amazing and futuristic electric cars that are not only economical, environment friendly and fuel efficient, but also fun to drive. Japanese auto manufacturers aren’t far behind and there are technologically advanced electric cars being built by Toyota and Nissan that are far better than those manufactured in America.