• Compact SUV Specifications and Three Top Selling Models

    A compact SUV is a good alternative for a standard size sports utility vehicle, if you’re not interested in a car that’s as large as a full size SUV. Small size sports utility vehicle specs are generally not as favorable or as powerful as those of other types of SUVs. However, these smaller SUVs make up for a smaller (typically V6) engine and less accelerating power with a better gas mileage rating and a preferable safety rating. Read on for some of the top selling models.

    Number 1 — Ford Escape

    Consistently one of the highest ranking and top selling models of compact SUV, the Ford Escape is a sleek and stylish 6-cylinder SUV that is designed for both on and off road driving. The Escape has a spacious interior and a full range of luxury amenities.

    Number 2 — Honda CR-V

    The CR-V is an economical vehicle that does away with any extra bells and whistles in favor of a solid engine and a high safety rating. The vehicle has the distinct advantage of being quite a bit less expensive than its counterparts.

    Number 3 — Nissan Rogue

    The Rogue is consistently rated as the safest compact SUV on the road, with safety test results that match or exceed those of many standard sized cars on the road today. This vehicle is also surprisingly spacious inside and sports excellent gas mileage for an SUV as well.

    There are a number of other compact SUVs that are available at this time as well. Check in with your local dealerships for more information.