• Classic Vintage Cars for Sale: Prices to Expect for Popular Old American Autos

    If you’re in the market for classic vintage cars, the price you pay will greatly depend on what you look for. Some of the factors that are going to raise the price are the make, model and year of the vehicle, as well as the availability and popularity. Listed below you will find a few examples of cars that are older American vehicles, and you will see the difference in the prices.

    1962 Impala Coupe

    In good condition with close to 70,000 miles on it, this classic vintage car runs $19,000.

    1957 Ford Custom 300

    In an 85% to 90% restored to original state, this car is valued at $8,500. That is with 96,800 miles, 272 VA, automatic transmission, two doors and the original paint.

    1949 Chevy Panel Delivery Van

    This is one of the bulkier classic vintage cars on the market, and with the following features is worth around $18,000: a 350 engine, automatic  transmission, AC, tilt wheel, power steering, leather power seats, dual exhaust, tinted glass and pin striping.

    1933 Ford 3W Coupe

    Completely restored with original parts and low miles, this car is worth $36,500.


    Those are examples of cars that have had work done on them in order for the seller to make money off of them. You might also consider buying cars that need to be restored. If you are willing to do this yourself you can probably find old vintage cars ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 that can be returned to their old glory with some time, money and effort of your own.