• Classic Car Book Value: Understanding What Affects the Price

    If you own what you think might be a classic car, you probably are wondering how much the classic car book value may be. The value of the car depends upon a lot of different factors. There is actually a 100 point system which includes rating the interior, exterior, paint, glass, trim, upholstery, recorded mileage, brakes, engine, the transmission, any special features there might be and how desirable the car is on a scale of 1 to 5. These ratings are calculated along with the year, make and model of the vehicle to get a classic car appraisal. Then there are three different reports that can be used to rate each classic car. Here is a look at those reports.

    The Red Report

    This is for cars that fall into the years of 1981 and later. This report will give details on all used cars, exotics and specialty vehicles. Appraisers inspect and rate the interior, exterior, carpets and so on. They check for rust and any previous water or accident damage as well.

    The Blue Report

    This is especially designed for classic and muscle cars that were made between 1946 and 1980. Again, the car is rated by its interior and exterior condition, and special attention is paid to any rust, bondo or accident damage. Authenticating the car is an important part of this type of report. The more original parts there are on the car, the higher the value will be.

    The Gold Report

    This is for all cars that were built in 1945 or earlier. This report takes into consideration the interior and exterior of the cars as well as the rust factor and any history of accident damage. It also rates the car on the quality of restoration that it has received and how complete the restoration is.