• Classic Car Appraisal: 3 Appraisal Services with High Ratings and Rankings

    Classic car appraisal functions for the same reason as standard vehicle appraisal programs do; they are designed to determine the car value so that you know how much a vehicle is worth. There is no single way to have your vehicle appraised, and there are a number of different ways to go about doing this. It’s especially important that you keep a classic car appraisal recent and frequent, as the value of these vehicles can change dramatically according to the market.

    1. Kelley Blue Book

    The cheapest, easiest and least accurate way of appraising your car is to look for its value in the Kelley Blue Book. This is a set of information based on national averages for appraisals of cars based on make, model, year and condition. You’ll get a good general sense of the value of your vehicle, but it may be difficult to calculate for local trends and marketing factors.

    2. Mechanic Appraisal Service

    Many mechanic shops will have an appraisal service as well. If you can find an appraiser who works with a lot of the same type of car that you have, you’ll generally have a good sense of how much the vehicle is worth based on that appraisal.

    3. Professional Appraisers

    Professional appraisers are rare, but generally can be found in larger urban and metropolitan areas. These people will likely charge the most for their services, but they will also give you the best information about the value of a car relative to the other vehicles in the local market.