• Cheap Used Cars to Avoid

    When it comes to buying a car for less money, cheap used cars can sometimes be the way to go. Whether you choose to get a cheap Volkswagen, Honda, or BMW, it can pay off in the long run. However, like with anything involving cars, there are certain things to look out for when it comes to purchasing a cheap used car. There are plenty of signs that can steer you towards avoiding cheap used cars. By considering the following signs, you can avoid purchasing a cheap used car that will be more pain than pleasure.

    • Avoid cars without any sort of service history. With all information being input into computers at some point of time, a vehicle with no service history probably means the car has simply never been serviced. There are plenty of used cars out there with extensive service histories, so settling for anything less would not be smart.
    • Avoid any cars that have a salvage title. If an insurance company writes a car off as a total loss, chances are it was a total loss and can not be repaired under any circumstances, or else the insurance company would have done it.
    • Avoid any cars with mismatched tires. There are cars that are exceptions to this like some muscle cars and sports cars that have larger tires or rims in the rear than the front. However, most cars should have matching tires all around, no exceptions.
    • Avoid cars with brushstrokes in the paint. If someone is willing to use house paint on a car, chances are there might be other parts on the car that aren’t really supposed to be there either.
    • Avoid purchasing any rental car or ex-rental car. Rentals are usually driven without regard because people do not care for them as they would if it was their own vehicle.

    Used cars are a great way to get a good car for a good price. By following these tips, along with all-around careful inspection of the vehicle you’re looking at, you can obtain a great used vehicle and get your money’s worth.