• Certified Pre Owned Volkswagen: Certification Standards and Inspection Highlights

    Created in response to concerns about reliability and build quality, the certified pre owned Volkswagen program offers an extended warranty and comprehensive inspection that provides peace of mind for those considering used Volkswagens. In 2005, Volkswagen of America changed the name of their certification program to Volkswagen Certified Preloved, in order to reflect the love that owners and dealerships share for Volkswagen products. Not all Volkswagen dealerships participate in the certified used program, so be sure to contact dealerships using a website like CarsDirect to confirm participation. If a dealership does participate in the program, all vehicles considered for certification must undergo a comprehensive 112-point inspection before becoming certified. Once a Volkswagen is certified, the Certified Preloved program includes a two year or 24,000 mile limited warranty with no deductible. The owner also receives two years of 24-hour roadside assistance in the event you need a tire changed, need emergency gas or have other roadside emergencies. Certified Volkswagens equipped with SIRIUS Satellite Radio also include a three-month complimentary subscription to the service. However, before a Volkswagen can be a Certified Preloved vehicle, it must meet some strict standards highlighted below:

    • To be certified, the vehicle must be less than five model years old and have less than 75,000 miles. All maintenance must be up to date.
    • Accessories like the owner’s manual and keys must be with the vehicle.
    • The vehicle must be free of any structural or weather damage, and if any repairs to the paint or body are required, they must be completed before the certification process is completed.
    • A road test is completed, during which the engine, transmission and steering are tested to ensure the vehicle is sound.
    • After the road test, the Volkswagen is checked for leaks and mechanical condition under the hood. Repairs, if necessary, will be made by the technician.
    • An exterior inspection is next performed, and the vehicle is checked for dents and dings, proper function of all lights, antenna function, windshield condition and alarm system function.
    • Once the interior checks out, the next step toward a vehicle becoming a Volkswagen Certified Preloved vehicle is an interior inspection. The technician will check that the steering wheel, window operation, center console condition, seat heaters, seat belts, air bags, mirrors, sunroof and door locks function properly.
    • The vehicle will next be placed on a lift, at which point the wheels and tires, transmission mounts, and CV boots will be checked. This will also give the technician an opportunity to check the engine for leaks from underneath.
    • The final inspection will make sure that the controls on the dashboard function as needed. If there are any warning lights lit, the proper course of action will be taken to remedy them.

    Although the certified pre-owned warranty offered by Volkswagen on used cars is not as long as the warranty offered by other manufacturers, the inspection process is thorough and ensures that common trouble spots on Volkswagens are checked before the vehicle is sold. Purchasing a certified Volkswagen is a great choice because models like the New Beetle, Jetta, Passat, Touareg, GTI and Golf offer exceptional German engineering at a great price on the used car market.