• Certified Pre Owned Nissan: Certification Standards and Inspection Highlights

    When you’re in the market for a used Nissan there are many routes you can go, and by picking up a certified pre-owned Nissan, such as an Altima, Maxima or Murano, you’re guaranteed both a great buy and a quality vehicle. In order to become “certified pre-owned,” or “CPO,” all vehicles must undergo Nissan’s in-depth 100+ point inspection and background check.

    A Nissan CPO vehicle inspection includes, but is not necessarily limited to:


    • Engine Mechanical Condition – Check all fluid levels, oil pressure, cylinder compression, all belts, hoses, wiring, engine mounts, inspect for leaks
    • Cooling System – Includes belts, hoses, coolant, radiator, cooling fan, water pump, recovery tank, cap and system pressure test
    • Fuel System – Fuel pump, lines, hoses, filter, injection pump timing, vacuum pump operation, leak and noise inspection
    • Electrical System – Starter operation, alternator / charging system, ignition, battery condition
    • Transmission, Differential & Transaxle – Transmission fluids, transaxle, drive axle and transfer case fluids, transmission mounts, universal joints, CV joints and boots, differential, clutch
    • Suspension and Steering – Rack and pinion, steering linkage, power steering pump, hoses and fluid, tie rods, sway bars, entire suspension system including springs, shocks and struts
    • Brakes – Calipers, cylinders, pads and shoes, rotors and drums, fluid, system lines and hoses, hydraulics, fittings, parking brake, master cylinder and booster
    • Window and Door Lock Operation
    • Frame – Visually inspect for repairs, damage, abnormal tire wear, inability to obtain proper alignment specifications
    • Doors, Hood, Trunk, Tailgate Operation
    • Road Test – Starting cold and hot, engine idle quality, engine performance and noise, smooth acceleration, transmission or transaxle noise, automatic transmission shift points and slippage, drive axle and transfer case bearings, gear noise or vibration, clutch operation, steering system performance, brakes and ABS, cruise control operation, instrument cluster, suspension

    VIN Inspection

    • VIN Matches Other VINs on Vehicle and Paperwork/Proper Attachment
    • Vehicle has California Emissions Sticker (California Only)
    • Service Bulletins and Recall Updates Performed on Vehicle
    • Check Vehicle for Trouble Codes
    • Oil Change/Scheduled Maintenance Performed


    • Heating, Ventilation, AC, Defogger, Defroster
    • Air Bags and Seat Belts
    • Audio and/Alarm Systems
    • Interior Amenities – Such as clock, horn, lighter outlet(s), ashtray, glove compartment, instrument panel and lights, dome and map lights, fuel door release, interior door handles
    • Interior Trim, Carpet and Floor Mats
    • Luggage Compartment, Trunk or Truck Bed – Including jack and tools, emergency trunk release
    • Seats – Upholstery, headrests, seat heaters
    • Sunroof, Moonroof or Convertible Top

    Body Exterior

    • Body Panels – Inspect for damage and alignment, overall paint condition
    • Bumpers and Fascia
    • Grille, Trim, Molding, Roof Rack
    • Glass, Mirror, Wiper and Washer Condition
    • Exterior Lights – Headlights, taillights, brake, parking, hazard, reverse, turn signal, license plate, and fog lights

    Exhaust System

    • Entire Exhaust System – Including catalytic converter and shielding, emissions control test

    Tires and Wheels

    • Correct size, tread depth, pressure, condition and alignment
    • Spare tire and wheel inspection

    Be it a Pathfinder, Versa or 350Z, Nissan offers a comprehensive warranty on all their CPO vehicles. The attention to detail within their inspection process ensures both the highest standards of quality and full satisfaction with your purchase.