• Certified Pre Owned Infiniti: Certification Standards and Inspection Highlights

    While many used car dealerships offer their own certified, pre-owner car programs, Infinity’s certified pre owned Infiniti program gives you the peace of mind and consistency that only the manufacturer can provide. Designed by the manufacturer, this program has a rigorous and thorough inspection and evaluation process that ensures you are getting a car that is every bit as reliable as it was fresh from the factory. This program is currently available for all Infinity G35, FX35, G37, M35 and QX56 models and includes an extended warranty as well as roadside assistance as well as a variety of other incentives.

    Age and Mileage

    Before a pre-owned Infinity can be eligible for certification, it must have under 60,000 miles on its odometer, and be no more than four years old. This is to ensure that any car certified is in the best condition possible.

    Infinity’s 145 Point Inspection

    Once confirmed to have mileage and age eligible for Infinity’s Certified Pre-Owned Program, the car is inspected thoroughly as part of a 145 point inspection process designed to ensure all parts are in perfect condition and working order. Inspection includes detailed evaluation of all major and minor power train components, chassis, steering and suspension components as well as interior condition and function of all factory installed features. Exterior panels are checked as well as all paint surfaces to ensure everything is in proper condition. Once this inspection is done, the car is taken for a complete road test to ensure no detail has been missed.

    Vehicle History Report

    Assuming the vehicle has passed all of the previous tests, a vehicle title and history report is conducted to ensure there have been no accidents or flood damage, and that no outstanding liens are held against the vehicle. Only a vehicle with a clean title is eligible for Infinity’s certification.

    Extended Warranty and Purchase Incentives

    Once a vehicle has been certified by Infinity the car is issued a certificate of inspection and its warranty is extended to 72 months or 100,000 miles on the odometer; whichever comes first. In addition, all certified pre-owned Infinity models receive comprehensive 24-hour a day, 7 day a week, 52 week a year roadside assistance, which includes arrangement of alternate transportation should your vehicle require extensive repair or service. Should failure of any of the 1,148 warranted parts  leave you stranded more than a hundred miles from your home, Infinity will even reimburse you for food and lodging costs, up to $500.00.While not everyone can afford a new Infinity, pre-owned models with Infinity Pre-Owned certification give you the chance to own that Infinity you have always wanted for a fraction of the price. Robust warranties and extensive inspections give you a vehicle as good as new, and one that the manufacturer stands behind. Should any defects or problems with titling arise that impact the value of your car, Infinity guarantees the full pre-owned value of the car, up to $50,000. With virtually all of the risks taken out of buying a used car and protection rivaling that of a new car, buying a certified pre-owned Infinity offers simply too much value to pass up.