• Certified Pre Owned Cadillac: Certification Standards and Inspection Highlights

    A certified pre owned Cadillac can be a great choice if you are in the market for a luxury vehicle but do not want to pay the premium price that comes along with buying a new vehicle. No matter which used Cadillac car or sport utility you are considering, the Cadillac certified pre owned program offers a great range of ownership benefits. All certified used Cadillacs include a limited warranty that offers coverage for up to six years or 100,000 miles from when the vehicle was originally sold as new. This warranty takes effect when the factory four year or 50,000 mile warranty expires. While the certified pre owned warranty is thorough, it does not offer the exact same level of coverage as the new vehicle warranty. Consult with your dealership for any specific questions. The pre owned warranty is fully transferable and features $0 deductible repairs. If a certified pre owned Escalade, STS, CTS, DTS or SRX is the right vehicle for you, there are a great selection of Cadillacs available via CarsDirect and Cadillac. A vehicle must meet the follow standards to be considered a certified pre owned Cadillac.
    • The vehicle must be less than five model years old and have fewer than 75,000 total vehicle miles.
    • Dealer must check the vehicle history report (both the GM repair history and the CARFAX report). Any open safety recalls or campaigns must be completed.
    • Road Test: During the road test the technician will check for the function of safety equipment, mirrors, shifting, traction control and anti-lock brakes. The vehicle will also be tested for alignment, noises, cruise control and gauge function.
    • Functional Tests: The operation of the OnStar system will be tested. If the vehicle is equipped with remote start or remote keyless entry, this must be tested. All power options, including door locks, windows and lights are test for proper function. Any power accessories like upgraded radios or navigation systems are checked for proper function and repaired as needed.
    • Under Hood: A quick visual inspection to check for loose or missing components is first completed. Next, the electrical, cooling, steering, brake, ignition, fuel and air conditioning systems are checked for excess wear and damage.
    • Under Vehicle: A visual inspection checks for signs of frame repair, suspension damage, engine and transmission mount wear and general driveline condition.
    • Necessary Maintenance: All vehicles will undergo an oil change. The air filter and cabin air filters are inspected and replaced as necessary. Depending on the manufacturer’s service schedule, other filters may be inspected or replaced. All fluids are inspected and topped off as needed. If there are any diagnostic trouble codes stored in the computer, they must be retrieved and the emissions system repaired to meet local standards.
    • Detailing: After all repairs and maintenance are complete, the vehicle must be detailed inside and out before being offered for sale.

    After the vehicle is inspected, repaired and detailed it will have undergone a major transformation from a used vehicle to a certified pre owned Cadillac. Not only will the repairs and warranty coverage offered by a certified vehicle provide peace of mind during your ownership, you can also take comfort in saving thousands of dollars over purchasing a comparable new Cadillac.