• Certified Pre Owned Acura: Certification Standards and Inspection Highlights

    When you are in the market for a used vehicle, choosing a certified pre owned Acura can provide you with peace of mind. A certified used Acura offers many of the benefits of purchasing a new vehicle without the higher initial price tag. You can find great deals on certified Acuras online via CarsDirect. If you are in the market for a used MDX, TSX, RDX, RL or TL, the certified pre owned program offers the security of owning a vehicle less than six model years old and and with fewer than 80,000 total vehicle miles. In exchange for a comprehensive inspection and repairs completed at the dealership, the Acura certified pre owned program offers a 12 month or 12,000 mile limited warranty that is equivalent to the factory bumper-to-bumper coverage and a limited powertrain warranty that includes coverage for 7 total years of service or 100,000 total vehicle miles. Both warranties are honored at all Acura dealerships in the United States. The inspections and repairs that turn a used Acura into a certified pre owned Acura take time and require an investment by the dealership. This guide highlights the standards that must be met to certify a pre owned Acura.

    • The vehicle must be less than six model years old and have less than 80,000 total vehicle miles.
    • All certified vehicles must include the following information in the glovebox: owner’s manual warranty manual, certified warranty booklet, CARFAX vehicle history report, 150-point inspection checklist, radio security code, navigation system code and maintenance journal.
    • All VIN plates must match. After the VIN is confirmed any open recall or campaign repairs must be completed. All vehicles must have a clean title history, and this is confirmed by an inspection of the unibody for signs of damage or repair.
    • Next, all fluids and filters are inspected and serviced if necessary per the maintenance schedule. The engine oil and filter will be replaced, and tires and brake parts must be replaced if they are outside of Acura’s certification standards. If keys are missing, the dealership must provide a minimum of two master keys, one valet key and two remote controls. If a scheduled maintenance interval is due in the next three months, it must also be completed.
    • After this initial service, a road test is completed, during which general issues of acceleration and drivability may be noticed. The technician will be especially careful to check for for vibrations and the function of on-board safety features and convenience options like cruise control.
    • An under the hood check follows next, and the Acura will be checked for inappropriate sounds or leaks that must be repaired. If timing belt service is required soon, it must be completed.
    • An under the vehicle check is next, with the technician looking for leaks and undue wear on engine mounts and suspension parts.
    • Finally, the interior and exterior are checked for fit, finish and unacceptable levels of wear. If necessary, repairs are made and the vehicle is detailed before it is offered for sale.

    After this comprehensive inspection, it is easy to see why an Acura certified pre owned vehicle offers great reliability and a higher resale value than a regular used car. Although a certified vehicle may cost more money, it provides like-new ownership benefits on a smaller budget.