• Car Shipping Service Contract: Understanding the Fine Print for Lower Rates

    When you hire a car shipping service, you will have to sign a service contract with them. This legal contract is usually drafted by the company legal counsel. This means that the contract tilts very heavily in their favor. Before you sign, check the contract for these following factors.

    Car Insurance

    Your car should be insured for delivery, and that insurance should be clearly mentioned in the contract. Any damage during delivery because of sloppy car shipping care has to be reimbursed to the customer. For this reason, most shipping companies will require a shipping report to ensure this. The report lists the current condition of the car before shipping. The driver who picks up the car for transport will do this or you might have to prepare it yourself and get it verified by the transport company.

    Hidden Car Shipping Prices

    Check the contract completely for hidden costs in the form of terminal delivery charges, or door-to-door delivery charges. Most transport companies will leave the car at the terminal, where it is likely to get robbed. Choose the door-to-door option where the car is delivered to you, but at no extra cost.

    Delivery Dates

    Most shipping companies will also give a range for the delivery date. This is because the shipping company usually has to deliver many cars on the same transport route. Giving a time frame for the delivery allows the transport company a little leeway. But that does not mean you should get your car twenty days after the due date. Check the contract for the timeframe for delivery (it’s usually five to seven days), and then make them accountable for the delay by asking for a discount for delayed deliveries.

    Ensure that whatever deal you have got verbally, is noted on the car shipping contract, as this is the only way you can protect yourself.