• Car Shipping Reviews: The Best Top Ranked Overseas Auto Transport Companies

    Car shipping reviews will give you an idea of which shipping companies you can choose to move your car to an International destination. Here is how you can choose the best top ranked auto transport companies for transporting your car.

    Check the Internet for Company Reviews

    There are many sites that will deal with International shipping. We suggest that you pick a company and just put the word ‘review’ after it to get an accurate idea of what consumers say about it. One of the best shipping companies online is shipmyvehicle. This site will move cars from the continental US and Hawaii to any destination in the world. The site also offers an instant quote so you can compare and then decide. The company can also transport trailers, boats, watercraft and heavy equipment anywhere in the world.  

    Use Comparison Sites

    There are car shipping comparison sites that have lists of International transportation companies. All you have to do is log on to these sites and then state your needs. The site will forward these requests to the transportation companies, and you will start getting quotes for the service you have selected. The comparison site will also rate these companies according to their customer service and quality. Customers who used the service are also encouraged to add their reviews on the company web page and it will give you an accurate idea of the company’s services. Try sites like ESCAPEARTIST.com and AUTOSHIPMENTS.com to find a complete list of auto transportation companies.

    Check Review Sites

    Customers have to sign a car shipping report before the car is handed over to them. This report will list all the damage that the car has endured during transport. A good car shipping report will automatically mean that the car was moved carefully with the minimal of damage. Happy customers will list their views on the parent site, as well as on independent sites, like review sites too. There are many sites online that review all consumer transportation services. For example, try sites like transportreview.com, Epinions.com and carshippingreviews.com to find completely impartial consumer based reviews of shipping sites.