• Car Shipping Container Costs: 5 Transport Tips for a Safe Move

    If you want to book a car shipping container to transport a vehicle overseas, you need to keep in mind a few important things. To find out the actual cost of shipping a vehicle overseas, you will have to get quotes from various auto transportation companies by giving them the pick-up and drop-off locations. You will also have to select the type of carrier or car shipping box you’d like to use to transport the vehicle. Enclosed carriers are best for long haul journeys because they protect the car from any external damage. You have to also bear in mind the tips given below to transport the vehicle in a safe manner.

    1. Inspect the Vehicle

    Before the vehicle is picked up and transported the movers will inspect it and ask you to sign the inspection notice. You must make sure that you inspect the vehicle carefully before signing this document. Once the vehicle reaches its destination, inspect it once again and immediately file a claim if it has sustained any damage.

    2. Insurance

    Purchase sufficient insurance coverage so that the company is responsible for making payouts towards any claim you file. Only deal with companies that are insured, federally licensed and bonded. If need be, consider purchasing additional insurance from a third party insurer to play it safe.

    3. Customs

    Since your vehicle will have to pass customs clearance and vehicle inspections at the port of entry, find out more about the rules pertaining to customs clearance before shipping it. Some countries spray the vehicle undercarriage with disinfectants before releasing the car, and this cost may have to be borne by you.

    4. Clean the Car

    Before the vehicle is picked up, get it cleaned thoroughly and avoid loading it with any personal goods. Remember, you will not be allowed to ship items of a personal nature along with your vehicle.

    5. Paperwork

    Keep the bill of lading and other pertinent documents handy. This will speed up the customs clearance process.

    Select a car shipping bin that matches the size of your vehicle. Some companies may allow you to customize a carrier to suit your needs.