• Car Shipping by Train: Advantages and Disadvantages

    If you want to move your car to another location either because you have to relocate, or because you want to go on a holiday, consider opting for car shipping by train, as it is a much more convenient option than towing your car, or transporting it by truck or ship.

    Advantages of Car Shipping by Railroad:

    1. Safeguarding your Vehicle from Environmental Damage

    If you use the Amtrak auto train to transport your car, you can be assured it will be stored in an enclosed carriage. As a result, your car is safe from any damage caused by the weather or the environment. This means that your car’s paint will remain as glossy as it was before you transported the vehicle.

    2. Convenience

    Car shipping by railroad means that you can travel with your car and don’t need to rent one after arriving at your destination. This is especially convenient when you’re moving cross country.

    3. Economical

    Using the railroad to transport your vehicle is the cheapest mode of auto transportation, especially if your vehicle has to be transported long distance. It’s not only the most economical way, but it’s also the most energy efficient way of transporting the vehicle.

    4. Less Miles to Add on the Odometer

    Driving your car to your destination can result in a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. You also have to face the dangers of long distance road travel and waste a lot of time while you transport your vehicle. Transporting your car by train on the other hand, is stress free and less tiresome.

    5. Environment Friendly

    Using the railroad for car transport is environment friendly as it cuts down on the fuel used to relocate the car and hence decreases the emissions released into the environment.

    6. Lower Insurance Rates

    Insurance costs for transporting your vehicle by train are lower than those for transporting the vehicle by trucks or haulers.

    Disadvantages of Car Shipping by Railroad:

    1. No Home Delivery

    Your car will not arrive directly at your home. On the contrary, you will have to collect it from a train station. In most cases, the train station is at a remote location. This can be difficult for most car owners, especially at the end of a long journey.

    2. Damage during Transit

    If the carriage isn’t a covered one, your car can get damaged by flying dirt or debris. This can prove to be quite expensive and you should ensure that this will not happen by using an enclosed carrier.

    3. Limited Coverage

    If you choose Amtrak, you must remember that it only covers areas between Florida and Virginia. For transporting your vehicle to other areas, you will have to look at other options.

    4. Inflexible Schedules

    Train schedules are fixed in advance, and you need to do careful planning, as you don’t have the option of last minute delivery.

    Rail car shipping is popular as it’s a convenient, efficient, economical and energy efficient way of transporting the vehicle over large distances.