• Car Repair Warranty: Best Plan to Get Based on Driver History

    A good car repair warranty will not only provide you with a protection on the investment you’ve made in the purchase of your car, but it will also give you the peace of mind necessary to be able to operate your vehicle and to drive without worrying about damage protection. Finding a suitable car warranty for you and your family can be a difficult task, however. You should consider a number of factors, including your driver history and the history of the others who will be operating the car; if there is a teen driver in your family, how you like to drive, and more. The performance reviews of the vehicle you’ve just purchased will also make an impact on the type of warranty that will mark the wisest investment for you.

    Full Coverage Protection Plans

    A standard warranty provides bumper-to-bumper protection for your car. This means that virtually every part of the car is covered under warranty protection for the duration of the guarantee. The only typical exception to this rule are parts that wear out normally over time, such as oil filters, brake pads and similar components. A full coverage protection plan usually doesn’t last as long as other types of plans, although you can extend the warranty for additional money.

    Full coverage protection plans are great warranties for people who drive their vehicles hard. If you know that your driving style, or the driving style of someone in your family, tends to wear cars out, this plan is good for you. Indicators of a driving style of this type would be people who do not regularly get their oil checked, those who drive their cars quickly and for long periods of time at once, and those who drive their cars a significant amount of time.

    Powertrain Protection Plans

    If you’re generally a cautious and careful driver and you don’t perform many acts that put wear and tear on your vehicle, you may be content with a cheaper powertrain protection plan. The powertrain in your car consists of the transmission system, the computer that operates the transmission, the engine and the drive axle on your vehicle. These components are all crucial to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Having them protected by a warranty will help to ensure you don’t have to pay for any major repair work for your car in the event of a breakdown.

    Roadside Assistance

    If you have a teenage driver in your family or if you plan to drive in remote areas or late at night, you may benefit from a roadside assistance package. These warranties provide on site coverage for those situations in which your car breaks down on the side of the road. You’ll simply need to contact the warranty provider, who will then send someone out to help you and repair your vehicle.