• Car Moving: Understanding Auto Transport Rates, Quotes, and the Cost Involved

    When you’re looking for car moving quotes to transport your vehicle from one state to another, or to ship it overseas, you have to bear in mind a few guidelines to get the best deal. Every company will offer you a quote based on the pickup and drop off location you mention, the type of carrier you select, and the insurance coverage you purchase. If you want the vehicle to reach its destination by a particular date, you should be prepared to pay a slightly higher rate.

    Auto Transport Rates

    Although the rates vary considerably, you can expect to pay anything between $800 and $1,500 to have the vehicle transported from one state to another. International shipping costs vary and the rates are much higher than those charged for interstate moving services. Apart from the basic cost to transport the vehicle, you will also have to pay an additional charge for purchasing insurance. Most companies include the cost of insurance in the quote they send you, but to find out your actual coverage and entitlements, read the terms and conditions listed on the auto transport contract before choosing any given company to meet your transportation needs.

    Car Shipping Companies

    When you’re looking for auto movers to ship your vehicle, make sure you only deal with companies that are federally licensed. They should also have an insurance certificate, as this is required by law. Consider reading customer satisfaction reviews online and look up the Better Business Bureau to find out if any previous customers have filed complaints against the company.

    Transporting the Vehicle Safely

    If you choose the open truck transportation option offered by most companies, you will end up saving a lot of money but you will compromise the safety of your vehicle. Enclosed carriers are a better option, although they’re more expensive. Some companies also offer you the option to customize a carrier to match the size of your vehicle. Regardless of the carrier you choose, you won’t be able to load your vehicle with any goods or items and have them shipped. Remember, the vehicle should be cleaned, and all relevant documents should be in order before the car is picked up.

    Customs Clearance

    If you’re transporting the vehicle overseas, you will have to read the rules and regulations regarding customs clearance at the port of entry, at your drop off location. Some countries insist on getting the vehicle sprayed to reduce the risk of contamination, and this cost may have to be borne by you. It’s thus best to find out more about vehicle inspections and customs clearance before shipping the vehicle. You should also remember that the vehicle may have to pass certain safety inspections. If the car doesn’t pass these inspections, it will have to be modified or destroyed.

    It’s best to start doing your research a few months before your intended date of transportation. This gives you enough time to compare quotes and find a company that best matches your individual needs.