• Car Buying Services: 3 Secrets They Wont Tell You

    Some use car buying services, or car brokers, to try to find the lowest prices on new and used cars or trucks. However, these deals are not always the absolute rock bottom deals they claim them to be. Depending on the amount and structure of the car broker’s fee, the price you pay may be only slightly lower than the price you could negotiate at your local dealership. Nevertheless, there are a few car brokers that really deliver the best prices. Many times, car brokers will tell you they utilize secret techniques to find the lowest possible car prices, but they do not. In fact, some of them you can do yourself.1. Utilize the Internet
    The first thing a car broker will use to find you the best deal often times is the Internet. The broker will more than likely utilize new and used car price comparison search sites to locate deals on a specified make and model. For new cars the broker might use sites like cars.com. If searching for the best deals on used cars, the car broker will probably visit sites like that of Auto Trader’s used car section. In addition to using comparison shopping sites, the auto broker may search eBay for a particular type of used car or truck. There are other specialty websites that offer used cars and trucks at attractive prices. The car broker will utilize the same Internet search strategies that most people use when searching for used car deals.2. Car Rental Agencies
    If a car broker is searching for deals on recent model used cars, they may contact car rental agencies and inquire about purchasing a rental car that has been withdrawn from the agency’s rental fleet. Many national rental car companies have car lots where they sell their used cars. Many times, customers may not be aware where the car actually comes from. Sometimes, rental cars have been abused and neglected; therefore, the prices may be lower. This technique may or may not be one you wish to consider for yourself.

    3. Car Auctions

    A common source for vehicles purchased by car brokers for their customers is car auctions. There are car auctions held weekly in almost every large city in the United States. Moreover, there is almost always a listing of the cars that will be made available for sale circulated before the date of the option. Finding out where these auctions are held can help you get some of the same deals that other brokers do. Most of these auction companies have some sort of Internet presence. Some even have a newsletter you can subscribe to that will inform you of upcoming auctions and the cars available for sale.The techniques that car brokers use to find better deals on vehicles are not really a secret, but they may have sources that are not available to you. The car broker may have access to auto auctions that are for dealers only. Since most car brokers are required to be licensed to sell cars, they will generally be allowed to participate in these types of auctions. Furthermore, a car broker may work with a specific dealer and receive lower prices because they send multiple deals to one particular dealer.