• Can You Return A New Car?

    When you have bought a new vehicle and are wondering if you can return your new car with no punishment, the answer most likely is no. However, there are select states and areas around the country that offer the new car buyer a “right to rescind”.

    In states such as California, this is the right to the new car buyer that the new car salesman must offer a three-day return insurance policy on new cars.

    There are also Lemon Laws that vary from state to state, but will apply to vehicles that have mechanical issues that are detrimental to the life of the vehicle and are still not functioning properly after several attempts at fixing them. The new car salesman should also offer you a pamphlet of the current Lemon Laws in your state after you purchase the vehicle and during the vehicle delivery process. Also, some online dealers will offer a certain time frame to return your vehicle as a sales incentive, which is not enforced by law.

    While it may be extremely difficult to return a new car, it is helpful to know what qualifies the car to be returnable. Every state varies, and just to be safe, a new car buyer should call their state’s Attorney General’s office to ask if they have a new car return policy.