• Buying Luxury Cars: Which Model Is Right For You?

    A luxury car is something which people all over the world aspire to own but when it comes time for you to buy from a list of luxury cars, you want to make sure you are getting the luxury model which is right for you. While there is something intangible which will make people turn and look as you cruise by, you also have your own reasons for wanting to buy a luxury car. Whether you are looking for the most luxurious, the best value-for-money, or the one which will provide the most prominent status symbol, the following can help you make your choice.

    Buy the Most Luxurious of Luxury Cars

    Lexus IS 250

    The Lexus IS 250 is a great place to start if you’re looking to buy one of the most stylish and luxurious of luxury cars available today. The Lexus brand is one which is well known for its build quality, meaning that every little “extra” has been added and every possible adjustment for comfort has been made.

    The classy, elegant and sporty exterior compares to that which you would expect from any of the best luxury cars available, but it is the high quality materials and intuitive, tactile controls which really make you feel spoiled. The handling of the Lexus is something you should also be comparing to the other luxury cars you are considering buying. The steering and suspension tuning ensure that you enjoy the feel of driving your new car, while also enjoying a comfortable and stable ride.

    Maybach 62 S Landaulet

    There are few things which make a luxury car purchase more interesting than anticipation, and after rising interest and speculation, the Maybach 62 S Landaulet concept has debuted. When purchasing a luxury car with a focus on comfort and indulgence, choice and flexibility are the top considerations. The new Maybach has flexibility in every aspect. Starting with the folding roof, which can retract completely, or fold back only in the rear, leaving the driver completely enclosed. A luxurious car you are considering purchasing should look extravagant. This is why when the roof is retracted, the side walls remain, allowing the car to keep a look which resembles the basic shape of a limousine.

    In addition to front and rear climate control, the rear interior of the Maybach 62 S is a decadent combination of white leather, fabric and velour. Your choice of black piano lacquer trim or black granite with gold details.

    The driver’s cabin is in complete black leather and black piano lacquer accents. The two areas of the car are separated by a liquid crystal partition which changes to opaque at the touch of a button.

    There are still more luxurious extras in this luxury car with rear armchair seating and a customised system to hold glasses, goblets and a champagne bottle. For further entertainment there is a complete DVD player system and six-CD player.

    If you do decide the Maybach is your perfect luxury car, you’ll also be riding on electronic air suspension which provides a comfortable and stable ride.

    Buy the Best Value-for-Money of Luxury Cars

    2009 Acura TSX

    When looking at buying a new car, affordability is often a major factor, but that doesn’t mean you have to bypass all luxury cars in your search. The 2009 Acura TSX is one of the most affordable luxury car models you could buy.

    The TSX is the least expensive Acura model with a recommended price of approximately $29,000, but there is no question that this is a luxury car, not to mention a technologically advanced sports sedan. With your fully integrated navigation system, concert grade Panasonic sound system, Bluetooth connectivity and real time traffic and weather updates, the Acura TSX could be the luxury car which is right for you.

    The luxurious Acura is not so weighted down that it’s sluggish either. An important part of any car is its ability to get you where you want to be, and away from where you don’t. The 2009 Acura TSX is also wider, longer and more spacious than the 2008 model but still handles well and is fun to drive.

    In 2009, the Acura has sharper lines and would not be without its signature “power plenum” grille. Inside, the seats are supportive and comfortable. The interior is modern and stylish and there is no shortage of button gadgets. All of these elements add up to a car with more than enough luxury, and an equally gorgeous price tag.

    Buy the Most Coveted Luxury Car

    The most coveted luxury cars to buy are not only the instantly recognizable status symbol vehicles, but also the ones which remain luxurious, stylish and head-turning while being comfortable, practical and environmentally friendly.

    Fisker Karma

    For example, the Fisker Karma is one of the most beautiful luxury sports cars available. What is different about the Karma is it is also a plug in hybrid. If a stylish car and a healthy planet are both important to you, perhaps the Karma is the right luxury car for you. The Fisker Karma is proud of its “Zero emissions. Zero compromise.” promise. It can also transport four adults and their luggage in luxury.

    Henry Fisker came to design the Karma on the back of the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and the V8 Vantage, and knows what it takes to make the most coveted luxury car. His focus was to create an environmentally friendly luxury car with a futuristic design, through dramatic proportions. So if you want it all in a luxury car and you want everyone to know about it, consider the Karma as your next purchase.

    When you are buying a luxury car, treat it as you would any other car buying process. The right luxury car is the one which suits your needs, whether it is comfort or head-turning capacity. One of the best things about buying a luxury car is that you’ll know the right one for you when you see it.