• Buying Luxury Cars in India:4 Pros and Cons

    India has a large market for luxury cars. In India, a typical luxury car can carry up to six passengers. The cars are envied, but they do carry a whole lot of advantages and disadvantages.

    Pros of Buying a Luxury Car in India

    • The country now has a flourishing economy. People have more money to spend in the form of a disposable income, which they are willing to splurge on buying luxury cars.
    • Almost all luxury cars can also be bought under finance schemes offered by banks. For example, Audi India has recorded a sales high of 103% over the last two years of its launch.
    • Famous companies like BMW and Rolls Royce now have individual models that are made in India or are exported readily to India. These car models are priced economically and are made specifically to deal with Indian road conditions. BMW India now makes cars that are snapped up by people who range in the 35 to 40 age groups and who can afford to spend $180,000 on the car. You can contact the BMW India website for more information. 
    • Another advantage is that almost all companies have their dealers spread out all over the country. Audi itself has six showrooms, with plans for ten more by the end of the year. Trained technicians for repair and authentic spare parts are easy to source and use. Porsche and Mercedes are two more heavy hitters that have several confirmed bookings for their luxury car releases in the Indian market.

    Cons of Buying a Luxury Car in India

    • In a country where about 30% of the population is below the poverty line, spending more than $180,000 on a car automatically gathers a whole deal of attention.
    • Car theft is common and the people who do buy such cars have to make sure that they can protect them well.
    • Sourcing of spare parts and maintenance of the luxury can require additional expenditure that not many people can afford.
    • Excess expenditure on cars can also attract attention from the tax authorities, who will require a detailed explanation of the cash that was used to buy the car.