• Buy Electric Cars: 3 Money Saving Tips

    People who buy electric cars are more likely to save money on automotive expenses, fuel costs being the primary expenditure. Still, there are insurance and maintenance costs. Though electric cars, including hybrids, can save you a lot of money. There are more electric cars on the market than ever before; from Smart cars with their ED Fortwo model to electric car kits which allow you to convert your gas-powered car into an electric car. Tesla even makes a higher priced electric car that combines looks and high performance with electric power.

    Consider these 3 tips on how to save money with an electric car:

    • Gasoline vs. Electricity: It’s not so much a tip as a fact, but internal combustion engines are terribly inefficient and expensive to fuel. You don’t have to buy an electric car to operate electrically. Kits are sold that help you transform your internal combustion engine into a DC-powered engine that is charged in a normal power outlet. Some cars, when converted, can go up to a 150 miles on a 8-hour charge that will cost them $1.
    • Lower Maintenance Costs: Because your electric car’s motor is DC-powered, you no longer have to worry about anything related to the fuel system. No oil changes, muffler replacement, tune-ups, or broken radiators. You simply have to check the batteries periodically, and make sure the suspension, brakes and clutch are working properly. Other than that, just check the air pressure in the tires.
    • Tax Incentive: For new alternatively fueled vehicles purchased, the federal government offers up to $4,000 in tax credits. When you combine that with the reduced cost of fuel and maintenance, your electric car will save you a bundle.

    Electric cars offer a money-saving alternative to traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines. Look into it for yourself and find out about all the money you could be saving by either purchasing a new EV (electric vehicle) or converting your gas powered car.