• Buy a New SUV: 3 Hidden Costs Most People Don’t Know About

    If you’re thinking that it’s the right time to buy a new SUV, be sure that you familiarize yourself with the purchase process and any hidden fees that you may not have been aware of before you enter into negotiations. Many people think that they have their budget for a new SUV worked out before they go about buying new cars, only to find that dealership costs and other fees bring the total cost much higher than anticipated.

    1. Dealership Costs

    Be prepared to pay a small finder’s fee and a transaction fee to the dealership that sells you your SUV. This is standard procedure in many cases, and typically involves a few hundred dollars paid to the dealership to cover the cost of paperwork and the time taken to sell you the vehicle.

    2. Emissions Taxes

    Many states require that vehicles meet their strict emissions standards in order to be driven on the road. If your SUV does not meet these standards (some SUVs will not, because they are generally rated very poorly in emissions), you may have to pay a tax of a few hundred to several thousand dollars to the state in order to operate your vehicle.

    3. Registration and Titling Fees

    Many states require a nominal fee in order to register and title the new vehicle that you purchase. These processes are required in order to legally operate a vehicle, but they’re generally not more than a couple of hundred dollars.

    Ask a dealer for additional advice about hidden costs.