• Best Used Luxury Cars: 7 Models with the Highest Ratings and Rankings

    Some of the best used luxury cars offer great bargains. It is only necessary to go back a few years to find excellent prices on used luxury vehicles. These used vehicles may only have had one or two owners. If you have good credit or cash, then it is quite easy to upgrade to a used luxury vehicle. 

    1. 2005 Porsche Boxster: This is considered a type of toy car, as it is not necessary but a fun car to have on hand. This is an excellent choice when looking for a used car, because they are available. The base model will have everything that is necessary to drive every day. The model was redesigned slightly in 2007, but the performance of the Boxster is still excellent. For a true sport luxury vehicle this is widely available and also available for less than $25,000.
    2. 2006 Audi S4: Audi offers one of the best combinations of a sedan and sports car. To get an even greater deal go for the automatic transmission, as many people will pay premium price for manual transmissions. While it may resemble a sedan, it also has everything under the hood that is found in a sports car. Expect to find this car for less than $28,000. 
    3. 2006 Lexus SC: This car offers plenty of luxury, and even might be labeled as opulent. This is a very luxurious two-seat convertible. It’s not a sports convertible, but strictly a luxury ride. For those days with bad weather there is a hardtop to protect the interior. This car can be found for less than $40,000.
    4. 2006 Cadillac STS: The STS is a luxury sedan that can be found at bargain prices, but is normally eclipsed by the STS-V and the CTS. As new vehicles are produced this will start to look old and many of the leases from when the vehicles are new will be coming up. Therefore, save some money and pick up the STS model. The Cadillac STS can be found for less than $20,000.
    5. 2006 Ford Expedition: If you’re looking for a used luxury SUV, the Ford Expedition offers some great value. These SUVs were slammed initially for the size but they are high quality vehicles. The difference between the Navigator and Expedition is slight. The Expedition is a luxury vehicle that can be found for less than $15,000.
    6. 2006 Toyota Sequoia: The Sequoia is another luxury SUV that offers a roomy and comfortable ride. Not only can it hold plenty of passengers, but their luggage as well. The 2005 model had a cosmetic upgrade and the entire model was redesigned in 2007. The 2006 model is the last of the Sequoia before this change. Expect to find the 2006 model for less than $26,000.
    7. 2006 Infiniti M: There are two different versions of the M class: the 45 and 35. The M45 offers a bit more power, but the M35 still has great performance and offers a great ride. The M35 also gets a bit better fuel economy due to the V6 engine over the V8 found in the M45. This is not as popular as the G35, which is why it still can be found for great prices. It also beats out many other sedans in its class. Expect to find this vehicle for less than $24,000.