• Benefits that the Used Car Lemon Law Give You

    For those that don’t know, most states have a used car lemon law to protect buyers who end up with a car that is very problematic. It’s not unusual to feel a little trepidation when purchasing a used car. There’s the old adage that you may be buying “someone else’s problems.” It’s a gut wrenching burden when your recent purchase is riddled with issues that you weren’t away of before laying down your hard-earned money.

    Used car lemon laws can differ by state, however the principle is the same; to protect the consumer and give them the peace of mind that comes with buying a new car. 6 states have full fledged used car lemon laws that are identical to new car regulations which is essentially that any malfunction that cannot be repaired within reasonable time will entitle the buying to replacement car or a refund.

    Most states may not be as in-depth in their coverage, but many hold the seller responsible for any undisclosed repairs that are needed or may cover a certain percentage of the repair costs. Be sure to check the lemon law statutes in your home state for what you are eligible to.

    Like the coverages, the vehicles that qualify can vary tremendously. Some will cover any used cars up to a certain age or mileage, or some may only cover cars that show all maintenance records and repairs have been done on time and correctly.

    Even with the lemon laws in place it’s always a good idea to get any used car inspected by a trusted mechanic. The lemon laws are a safeguard for your purchase, but not having to utilize them will make a purchasing experience a much happier one.