• Benefits of Small Diesel Car Engines

    Buying a small diesel car can be a great way to save money on fuel costs. Diesel cars will usually run you a little bit more than a similar gas counterpart. However, the fuel economy that is offered by these cars will make them pay for that difference very quickly. A small diesel car engine will be one of the most fuel efficient engines on the road. Diesel as a fuel contains a lot of energy, and because of this it can get 33% more miles per gallon than gasoline does. Diesel costs a bit more than gasoline, usually by about 10%. However, due to its really high fuel economy, the cost of diesel will be outweighed by its miles per gallon ratings. A small diesel car will get even more fuel economy due to not being a heavy car. The heavier a car is, the more power that is needed to keep it running, and this wastes gas. Old diesel cars have gotten a bad rap for being extremely dirty with their emissions, as well as being extremely loud when they run. However, technology has progressed and it has made a fairly clean diesel car. This is because diesel runs more efficiently, so less fuel is being burned. When less fuel is burned, the emissions go down, so it is a balancing act. There have also been improvements in noise reduction. Diesel cars sound pretty much like a regular gasoline engine does, which helps its case.