• Benefits of Buying an Off Lease Car

    If you are looking to buy an off lease car, there are some benefits that you should be aware of. Many off lease cars in great condition end up becoming part of the dealership certified pre-owned fleet.

    • On average, a car off lease will cost you about half the price of the car’s new car price. 
    • Cars that are typically leased come with mileage requirements that cannot be broken. Most lease cars are on lease for three years, and the mileage limits are normally around 36,000 miles. When you buy the car off lease, you will get a car with low mileage, meaning it is in better shape overall.
    • Buying a car off lease from a dealership means that the car has to go through another vehicle inspection before it is allowed to be resold. This will help you a lot because if there are any problems with the car, the dealership will fix them before it is available for sale. You can be assured that the car you are buying is in great shape, working condition, and with new parts for those that needed replacing. 
    • If your car ends up being a certified pre-owned vehicle, you will be given an extended warranty of some sort. If the car still has part of the original manufacturer’s warranty, you will get that, but also an extension of usually two to three years that covers maintenance, and other things.

    Buying an off lease car is a great way to ensure that you are getting a car in good working condition for a low price.