• Average Toyota Sienna Pricing Based on Year

    The Toyota Sienna is one of Toyota’s most popular Mini Vans, but Toyota Sienna pricing can differe signficiantly based on the year of the vehicle. Because of this, it’s important to have a general idea of how much a Sienna will cost based on the year it was produced. Once you know the average price based on the year, you will have a better idea of what year Sienna you can buy in order to have it come in under your budget price.

    The most current Sienna model, the 2011 version, has an Invoice price of $28,482 – $36,190 and an MSRP of $31,130 – $39,770, depending on what extra features or accessories you purchase. While this is certainly a good deal of money, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing a used Sienna. By going back just one year, the 2010 model has an invoice price of $22,329 – $34,077 and an MSRP of $24,540 – $37,865. The 2004 Toyota Sienna starts at just $22,955, while the 1999 is only $21,508.

    While these are the official prices of a Sienna, you are sure to get an even better deal by doing a comprehensive used car search. Since most used Siennas won’t be in perfect condition, you are sure to get an even better price than the ones listed above. By shopping around for the best deal (and by looking at both used car dealers and private owners), you are sure to find a Sienna at a price that fits your budget.