• Avalon Reviews: Where to Find Reliable Buyer Reviews

    Before making a Toyota Avalon purchase, it’s advisable to read Avalon reviews listed online by vehicle owners. These reviews are beneficial as they help determine the strengths and weaknesses associated with any particular car. There are several websites that offer new and used car ratings and rankings. However, it’s important to read reliable and unbiased buyer reviews. Some websites list both consumer and manufacturer reviews along with crash test ratings. These reviews help you decide if a new Avalon purchase is worth the money spent.

    Few Reliable Sources of Information Include:


    This website offers valuable information on auto ratings and reviews. The rankings listed for any vehicle are based on an evaluation of already published vehicle ratings, and test drive results. U.S. NEWS RANKINGS & REVIEWS use 5 criteria, namely performance, exterior, interior, safety and reliability to rate any car. In addition, they provide information on the best car deals available, and the latest news in the automotive industry.

    Yahoo! AUTOS

    Yahoo! AUTOS is another good website for Avalon reviews listed by vehicle owners. The website also allows you to research new and used vehicles, look up rebates and incentives, and find out dealer quotes. In addition, you could use the auto loan rates tool or the finance calculator, to find out rates on your car loan.


    This website offers expert reviews on most new cars. When you visit the website, select any particular car make you wish to research from the drop down menu. The search results will provide you with vehicle pictures, ratings and information on price quotes from local dealers. You could also sign up with AutoWeek.com to obtain the latest news on new car deals, prices and market trends.


    NADA GUIDES.com is a reliable source of information on new and used car prices, vehicle specifications and reviews. The website offers expert reviews, video reviews, and owner reviews and ratings. Apart from this, you could also perform a free VIN check and obtain a free credit report. If you wish to make a new Avalon purchase, you could buy a price guide from this site to know the actual worth of a new vehicle, and obtain inside information on private party sales, auctions and dealer lots. If you choose to register with NADA GUIDES.com, you could obtain RSS feeds on the latest events and news surrounding vehicle trends and test drives.

    Kelley Blue Book

    You may use this website to read both consumer and Kelley Blue Book reviews on the Toyota Avalon. The Kelley Blue Book also provides accurate information on new car values, trade-in values and auto finance. You could research vehicle safety ratings, obtain free price quotes and find car dealers in your area.

    Before making an Avalon purchase, visit the Toyota website to find new Avalon trims and add on features that are available. It’s important to shop around to make sure you get a low rate of interest on your loan and obtain a quality vehicle from a reputed dealer. You could also join an Avalon online forum to discuss the pros and cons associated with the vehicle.