• Auto Shipping Quote: How to Get the Best Cheap Rate

    Finding an affordable and cheap auto shipping quote can be difficult. This is because vehicles are large and heavy, which translates to high prices for shipping. Most auto shipping companies provide information online so it is possible to collect a lot of different quotes and compare them. Be sure to look at more than just the auto shipping cost. Other important variables such as customer service, transport time and reliability are also important. Try to read some of the auto shipping reviews for each company, as this will show customer satisfaction or in some cases dissatisfaction.

    1. Collect Quotes

    Try to collect a few different quotes from different shipping companies. This is very easy as most companies will provide a quote online or email it to you. Comparing the different quotes will display which companies provide rates that are within your shipping budget. In this case, getting a quote is very similar to receiving insurance quotes.

    2. The Port

    Which port the vehicle departs from and arrives at will be one of the main influences of the shipping rate. Very busy ports will have high shipping rates, as will routes that are rarely used. It may be worthwhile to find the ports in your area and get different quotes depending on one used. This can dramatically decrease the shipping rate. Even with the additional driving time it may be less expensive to pick up the car five hours from home and then drive it the rest of the way. Each port will also have its own handling fees. Make sure to get the information on port handling fees in writing. Many companies will not provide a number and then hand over a large bill. By having these prices in writing, they cannot fleece you. 

    3. The Season

    The time of year that the vehicle is being shipped will also affect the rate. By changing the date of shipping by a month it may be possible to save hundreds of dollars. As with anything, the more demand for shipping during that season, the higher the prices. Collect quotes for different times of the year as well, to find the best season for shipping.

    4. Fuel

    The type of fuel that is used will also be reflected in the rates. Many large ships, trucks and trains no longer rely on gasoline or other gasoline-based fuels. Generally as the price of the fuel increases, so do the shipping rates. Try to find any companies that use transportation vehicles powered by alternative, less expensive fuels.

    5. Options

    Most shipping companies will charge more for those auto owners that want the vehicle delivered directly to their front stoop. If you or a friend can drop the vehicle off and then pick it up again, this can drop the overall cost. Many times a driver’s salary is included for those door to door services.

    6. Discounts

    Ask if the companies are offering any discounts. While it may not be advertised, they might have specials. One example being that during the off seasons it is possible to get door to door service included. Collect as much information as possible about the different shipping options.