• Auto Shipping by Train: Comparing Costs with Other Car Transport Methods

    If you want to carry out auto shipping by train, there are several things that you should be aware of. Although you can transport your car by road, most users prefer to ship their cars over large distances with the help of Amtrak auto shipping.

    Check with Amtrak

    We suggest that you take a look at the Amtrak website to find the latest rates, as the website states that only a single route is available on a special service called the Auto Train. But this is only if you are traveling with the train. That means you and your car will reach the same destination at the same time. At present, Amtrak offers this service only from Washington DC to Sanford, Florida.

    Choosing a Private Mode of Transportation

    Most cars that are transferred by private rail auto transport long distance can be done so by covered auto rails or by open frame cars. Covered transport will cost more, but your car will be protected from the sun and flying debris. The average cost of shipping a car will depend on auto shipping distance that is covered, and the type of car you are transporting. You can find several private transporters who will do the job for you. Just Google the term ‘auto transporters’ and there will be many sites that you can choose from. Just pick any three and ask for quotes from all them so you can choose the lowest one. Make sure you read the contract completely before you choose a single transporter.

    Bid Sites or Auto Directories

    These sites will list all the companies that are involved in the auto transport business. All you have to do is log on and create an account. The sites will automatically send your request to the companies and they will send you their quotes. You can choose the right one from the quotes that are listed.