• Auto Car Transport How to Guide: Understand the Cost Involved

    Understanding how auto car transport works will make it easier to plan auto shipping to get the best rates possible. Each company has its own car transport rates that will vary depending on the season, port of departure and arrival, delivery, type of transportation and more. The only cost that should be the same across all companies is the cost of the shipping container, as this is fixed. It is everything else that will affect the rates.

    1. Quote Comparison

    Collecting and comparing many different quotes is a good first step. Think of this as the baseline. Choose the same parameters for each quote, same month and ports, and then look at which offers the best quotes. Once this starting quote is on hand, it is possible to see what factors will have a large or small impact on the vehicle transport rates.

    2. Type of Transportation

    There are several different types of transportation available. Shipping the vehicle on a boat is normally necessary for offshore shipping. However, some cars can go by air freight. Once the car is on the continent it can be transported by trailer, train or be driven to your door. Each type of transport will change the shipping rates. Air freight tends to be the most expensive but the car transport time is the shortest of all options.

    3. Departure and Arrival Ports

    The port at which the vehicle arrives will greatly affect the rate, as each port will have its own service fees. Very busy ports tend to have higher rates just because of the number of boats that offload. See about getting different quotes for different ports and see how this affects the shipping rates. You will find substantial differences between the ports and countries.

    4. Container

    The car will be protected because it is shipped in a container or covered truck. The least expensive method of shipping is roll on roll off. With this the car is driven directly onto the truck or ship. The vehicle is not protected from the elements or other issues, as it is exposed on the deck of the ship. It is possible to share a container in which your vehicle is one of several in the container. The most expensive is when your vehicle has its own private container. This is normally used for antique and collectible cars. 

    5. Insurance

    Each shipping company will offer several different types of insurance. Most will have basic insurance that is included in the rate. This insurance protects the vehicle during transportation. For full coverage, Marine Shipping Insurance is needed which covers the blue book value of the car. Most basic policies only cover basic cosmetic issues.

    6. Paperwork

    Each country has its own import fees and taxes. There is a lot of paperwork that will need to be filled out. A company that takes care of all the paperwork may have a higher rate. However, the convenience of the having the company take care of the paperwork is worth the extra cost. Many companies will take care of everything and the import taxes, port fees and other tariffs will be included in the final quote.