• Are Electric Hybrid Cars Cheaper than Regular Cars

    There are several factors that should be taken into effect to answer the question of whether electric hybrid cars are cheaper than regular gasoline and biodiesel hybrid cars. With the purchase price of a new electric hybrid being so much higher then a gas driven car what exactly are the differences if any of ownership?

    Purchase Price

    There is no question that the electric hybrid cars have a higher purchase price then comparable gasoline driven models. The average difference is from $1500 to as much as $11,000. There are tax credits in America that can help to offset the extra cost however with qualifying vehicles rating between $2500 and $7500 depending upon the vehicle in question. Although the tax credit is set to phase out soon so if you would like to take advantage of the credit now is the time to do so and in fact since the credit is dependant upon how many cars are sold it may already be too late. Gasoline powered vehicles are the less expensive.


    Most electric hybrid cars have a bumper to bumper 8 year/100000 mile to 10 year /150000 mile warranty on them. This offsets with the average 3 year/36000 mile warranties on most new gasoline powered cars. The real difference here is in the cost of the electric hybrid car’s battery pack which is very expensive.

    When it comes to standard maintenance both types of vehicle require the same services and for this category it is a draw.

    Fuel economy

    Electric hybrids have gasoline powered vehicles beat when it comes to fuel consumption. Although the truth is not by as much as you may think. There are gasoline powered vehicles that get better mileage then the electric hybrids. Gasoline consumption for both types of vehicle depends more upon driving distance and driver style then what is on the sticker when parked on the dealer lot. In the fuel economy category neither car pulls ahead of the other.

    Bottom line the answer to the question of rather or not the electric hybrid car is cheaper then the regular gasoline powered vehicle is no it is not. The balance sheet says that even with the dwindling tax incentives the electric car is a little more expensive to own then the gasoline powered car.