• Are Electric Car Kits Worth it?

    Electric car kits are used by people who want to convert their existing cars into electric models. Most people already own a gasoline based car. If they want to buy an electric model, they have to invest money again in buying an extra car which they might not need. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining an electric car and a gasoline based car can actually negate the beneficial effect that an electric car would have on your finances and the environment. If you don’t want to buy an electric car, you can just as easily convert your existing car to electric, with an electric car conversion kit. There are pros and cons to converting a vehicle with an electric car kit.

    Advantages of Electric Car Kits

    • When you convert your car to an electric model, you don’t have to invest in a full car. You will be able to find electric car kits that you can use to interchange or completely modify a few parts of your gasoline based car.
    • You will require a helper to get the process done. Each kit comes with detailed instructions that you can follow to complete the conversion, but the process is not for people who have little technical knowledge.
    • The cost of an electric kit is far lower than buying an electric car. For example, the Chevy Volt is expected to cost about $40,000, but you can easily convert your existing car for about $15,000 with a professional electric car kit.
    • The cost of using the electric car kit is negligible, as you will be doing the labor yourself. The kit provides you with detailed instructions and parts.

    Disadvantages of Electric Car Kits

    • Even though you do have all the spare parts in the electric car kit, there are chances that you will be missing a few important one.
    • Not all electric car kits provide a battery or the chargers that are required to complete the process of converting the vehicle.
    • The price of the kit may seem attractive at the time, as most kits range from $1,000 to $6,000 without counting the cost of the labor that you will be putting in yourself. As you doing the process yourself, you can’t take your car to any manufacturer for repairs. The process of conversion also voids the warranty on your original car completely.
    • Most electric car kits require a person with electrical wiring knowledge to get the best driving range and maximum speed as specified on the kit.

    If you’re still interested in getting an electric car kit, read up on the process completely. Using electric car kits is worth it if you have the knack and the skills to get the job done. You will also find a lot of resources on the Internet. Make sure that you have professional expertise before you attempt the conversion of your car to an electric model. If you don’t,  find a professional company that can get it done at a cheap rate.