• Advantages and Disadvantages of Classic Car Dealerships: A Buyers Guide

    It is always fun to look at the vehicles at classic car dealerships. Not only do you get to check out some great looking old cars but you can also test drive some of them. As much fun as this can be, if you are seriously looking to buy one of these great cars, you need to realize there are advantages and disadvantages to going through a classic car dealership.


    • Owning a classic car is a big investment of time and money when compared to a newer car. A classic car dealer is aware of this. In order to make a sale, he or she more than likely will avoid the topic of how much time and money may need to go into it to keep it up.
    • The sales person will not know as much about the car as a person who may have owned the car.
    • It is harder to negotiate a good or fair deal when working with a dealership. After all, the person selling the car is doing this as a source of income, not just to make some money on the side.


    • Sales people will know a little about a lot of different cars instead of just one car, and they have a better chance of matching you up with the best car that fits your needs and interests.
    • You probably won’t have to travel very far if you decide to purchase a car from a classic car dealership, whereas you may have to travel quite a ways if you are purchasing it from a private owner.