• A Used Car Return Policy: Understand The Fine Print

    Often times when purchasing a used car from a dealership, it is easy to miss the fine print and awareness of their used car return policy. The sales team will put a stack of papers in front of you to sign, one by one. We all know that it’s best to read things before we sign them, but often times we’re so eager to get everything out of the way that we just jot our signature on each page before we even know what it is we’re agreeing to. You don’t want the unpleasant experience of having a problem with a used car soon after your purchase, only to have the dealership show you a contract that you signed at the time of purchase saying that you’ve waived your rights to bring your car back in case of trouble.

    When you’re shopping around, ask the car lots you visit if they have a policy protecting customers in case the car they purchase ends up being a dud. If you’re not mechanically inclined, you may want to shy away from smaller lots. Often times they can’t afford to check out the cars before they put them up for sale. You may want to choose a dealer that has a service department, and ask them to give you a statement that the car has been checked out by their mechanics. Some dealers advertise a 30 or even 90 day no-risk guarantee. Make sure you talk to the dealer representative about what the dealer is promising you in case there are problems with the car; and as always, read the fine print. Anything that you sign that says “As is” may waive any right you have to bring the car back in case the worst happens. Be a smart buyer by reading before signing, and ask as many questions as necessary.