• A Consumer Checklist for Buying a Used Honda Ridgeline

    A used Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck that has a solid fan base. When looking to purchase this vehicle, you’ll need to confirm the Honda Ridgeline Blue Book value. The used Honda Ridgeline truck price does have a higher resale value than most used cars and trucks, but you’ll need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.  Honda Ridgeline History and Features
    The Honda Motors Co. introduced the Ridgeline in 2006. It’s considered to be a pickup that’s ideal for transporting larger items and a family. The Ridgeline comes with a four-door crew cab, all-wheel-drive, a dent-proof liner, sliding rear window, suspension in all four wheels and a tow package. One of the distinct features of the Ridgeline is the look of the cab and bed, which aren’t separated. Consumers like the 250 horsepower V6 engine that has a 5-speed automatic transmission. A Consumer Checklist for Buying a Used Honda Ridgeline
    When shopping for any vehicle, be prepared with the knowledge of how much it should cost and how it should perform. Honda Ridgeline shoppers should consider the following before purchasing:

    • Listen for steering wheel noises. The Ridgeline shouldn’t make any squeaky noises if you push forward on the wheel. 
    • Noisy windshield. It has been reported that some Ridgeline models have a lot of noise from the wind when they reach a speed of 40 mph or higher: something to look into during a test drive.
    • Key-less entry remote. Test any remotes to make sure they work well and open all the doors, including the trunk.
    • Look for leaks. Check all the seals in the truck, under all the seats and under floor mats.
    • Bring a CD or MP3 player that has music with both high and low-pitched sounds with you while shopping for a Honda Ridgeline. Pop the disc in the CD player, if available, and see how to it sounds. Turn the volume to a loud level to see if the speakers sound bad.
    • Open the tailgate. The tailgate on the Ridgeline can be pulled down or opened sideways. When the gate opens sideways the bed lights should come on.
    • Test the lights. Play with the headlights to make sure all the beams work along with all the other lights required by law in your state.
    • Look at the fluid levels. Make sure the oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluids are nominal. Check them again for leaks 10 minutes after a test drive.
    • Sit in all the seats. If the seats are powered, check if all the controls are all operational and that the seat-heater works. Test the arm rests and try folding the backseat down.

    Being picky pays when it comes to shopping for a used Honda Ridgeline. It’s better to know about all the quirks a vehicle has before purchasing and regretting it.