• A Consumer Checklist for Buying a Used Honda Odyssey

    A used Honda Odyssey is a very popular used minivan. Currently in its third generation, the Odyssey was Honda’s venture into the US minivan market. First offered in 1995, the Odyssey approached the minivan segment in a distinctly Honda way, avoiding sliding doors in favor of four conventional doors.

    In 1999, the second generation Odyssey was introduced and brought more power and features to the Odyssey line. In fact, it was the minivan to get during its run from 1999 to 2004. It offered best-in-class performance and features such as a foldaway third row.

    The current, third generation was introduced in 2005, and has brought about another level of refinement to the Odyssey nameplate. Again, more power and refinement were added, keeping the Odyssey a favorite among buyers.

    As with any used automobile, having a checklist of items to look for can help when searching. Since the Odyssey is a minivan, there are also a few key items that should be given a closer look before deciding whether or not to purchase a particular Odyssey.


    Minivans are great for hauling families around, but as such, their interiors are bound to take a beating. Take time to inspect the interior to ensure that it is in acceptable shape.

    Electronics / Entertainment

    One of the great things about minivans are the features included to help keep families entertained during trips or just errands around town. This being the case, be sure to check the features that they Odyssey you are considering includes to be sure they work, otherwise you will potentially be in for a disappointment down the road when you get around to trying them.