• 9 Facts About Japanese Used Autos

    Increasingly, the international automotive market has turned to Japanese used autos to supply cars around the world. Used cars from Japan are constantly tested and certified for low emission and high efficiency. It is for these reasons, along with quality and price that people around the world prefer the used cars from Japan.

    Purchasing a used Japanese vehicle isn’t as easy as buying a car in Japan and just shipping it over. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed. You are best advised to use a reputable importer. You can find a comprehensive list of registered importers visiting this web address:


         Below are listed 9 facts explaining why thousands of quality used cars from Japan are sold and exported to points around the globe.

    1. Latest and best:  Japanese car buyers tend to want latest models of vehicles with the latest features.
    2. Newer models: A strong economy gives then purchasing power which helps them buy new cars more often.
    3. Availability: Great trade-in offers from the manufacturers bring in used cars sooner than in other countries.
    4. Quality: Japan has the strictest automotive testing regulations on the planet. Three years after its initial purchase, the owners must obtain a testing certificate to use their car further and then again after 2 more years.
    5. Japanese Auto Auction: The world famous Japanese auto auction is where more than 150,000 used Japanese vehicles are sold per week. Anyone can partake in these Japanese auto auctions online from anywhere in the world. You can see photos of the used Japanese car and bid from your PC. Autorec Enterprise Ltd. was established in 1977, is one of the oldest and most reputable of the companies that provide auction sales, as well as one the top exporters of used Japanese vehicles.
    6. Mini Trucks: Mini trucks are ideal vehicles for use on farms, ranches, golf courses and rural areas where small and functional vehicles are best. When imported for off-road use, the import regulations are relaxed.
    7. Right Hand Drive Jeeps: Factory-made Right Hand Drive Jeeps from Japan are excellent mail delivery vehicles for rural postal workers in the USA. Because of their unique RHD feature, the US has decided to ease import restrictions on these as well.
    8. JDM High Performance Cars are the cars to have among the performance-minded, tuner crowd. JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and many times these are high performance models not sold in the US or other markets.
    9. Price: The price of used Japanese cars for export tends to run 30-40% less than the same model in the market where it is to be imported.

    Importing a used car from Japan is not easy, but most vehicles are of low-mileage, good conditioned, well maintained and have not had many owners. All of these reasons make a used Japanese car an inviting purchase.