• 7 Honda Civic Problems Every Buyer Needs to Be Aware of

    The Honda Civic is historically a reliable and cost effective choice for new and used car buyers, however depending on the year of the car in question, certain Honda Civic problems may turn what could be the perfect car into a nightmare. Of all the recent model years, the 2001-2002 and 2006-2007 models are most susceptible to problems, so it is a good idea to know exactly what you may be getting into before buying.1. Transmission Failure

    Transmission failure due to design flaw is a common issue found in 2001 Honda Civic models. While this problem can still be found in the 2002 model, its occurrence is roughly one third that of the 2001 model.2. Exhaust Manifold Cracking

    Problems have been reported concerning exhaust manifold cracks forming in 2001 and 2002 models. While not as serious a problem as transmission related issues, it will require a replacement manifold.3. Interior Problems

    Problems with sagging headliners are most common in 2001 models. In addition, there are problems with interior trim becoming loose, especially around the door trim areas. 2002 Models have a relatively common problem with an erratic SRS light caused by either a defective SRS module, or seat belt latch.  4. Engine Block Cracking

    Found in the 2006 Honda civic, this crack tends to form just above the coolant channels and seems to happen around 90,000 miles. Repair is generally impossible and any occurrence will likely require a new engine.5. Sun-visor Problems

    Deteriorating sun visors caused by a splitting hinge mechanism are common in the 2006 Civic model. This problem can occur as early as 30,000 miles and costs about $90.00 to repair.6. Premature Tire Wear

    Tire wear problems are common in the 2007 model and stem from two difference potential causes. Front tire wear is often attributed to the factory equipped Bridgestone tires, while wearing problems in the rear are generally caused by a faulty rear control arm. It is a good idea to have these control arms replaced at first sign of problems.7. HVAC Problems

    Common in the 2001-2004 Honda Civic is with the infamous Honda Civic heater problem. This problem is caused by a faulty thermal fuse in the control unit that controls the blower motor which blows air when using the air conditioning and heater. It will either cause the fan to run at full speed or not run at all. This problem generally requires a whole new control unit which can cost $90-$200. For those experiencing no fan blowing, the problem can be fixed for about a dollar by soldering in a new thermal fuse and clearing the inside of the housing to accommodate. The Honda Civic is a great car, but even great cars can have their share of problems. The transmission problems in the 2001-2002 are perhaps the most expensive problem found, second only to the engine block cracking problem found in the 2006 model. One thing to be careful of on all models is the Honda Civic timing belt replacement intervals. Failure to replace your timing belt can lead to failure which in turn can cause extensive engine damage. .