• 6 Features Every Luxury Sedan Must Have

    A luxury sedan is something that is a true privilege to drive. The handling, interior comforts and style of these cars just makes you feel better as you drive along the highway. There are a lot of vehicles today that will claim to be a luxury sedan. But, with a closer look, it is a luxury sedan in name only. Knowing what to look for requires having a little knowledge, and training yourself in what to look for. Here are a few features that a top luxury sedan should contain. 

    1. Incredible Style

    Nothing says luxury like style. Sleek lines, a beautiful finish, a lot of flair and chrome, will all say luxury. When someone looks at a vehicle like a Mercedes Benz E Class, BMW,or even a Hyundai Genesis, they know that the owner is basking in luxury and comfort. 

    2. Comfortable Interior

    A luxury sedan will need to have a very comfortable interior. This does not mean any fake leather, or plastic vinyl seat coverings. True soft leather, or soft cloth are the hallmarks of comfortable seating. Comfort must also go beyond the actual seat covers. True comfort exists when the configuration of the seating, and the way that you drive present a much better experience in being in the car. 

    3. Powerful Engine

    Luxury does not just have to deal with the things that you can see about the vehicle. It also has a lot to do with the power and the performance of the engine. Consistently ranked at the top of the best luxury sedan list are those cars that have large, powerful engines. They are able to cruise comfortably at high speeds, but also have the power to react and handle smoothly and without hesitation.

    4. Electronic Luxuries

    There are plenty of different electronic amenities of owning a luxury sedan. Power locks and power seats are the very basics. Things like electronic, and automatic climate controls, electronic headlights that move, electronic back up sensors, and other power luxuries are all going to make your luxury sedan a much better experience. 

    5. Great Entertainment Devices

    There are some vehicles that will label themselves as luxury because they have a CD player, or a DVD player mounted in the headliner. A luxury sedan will have all of your entertainment needs taken care of throughout the vehicle. Each passenger will be treated to both a visual and audible delight. Home theater, GPS, OnStar like communication, Bluetooth and in-car computers are just some of the hardware a luxury car has. Screens embedded in the headrest of the seat in front, personal speakers, ability to personalize what they see and hear, and other great technology items are all a part of a luxury sedan.

    6. Room

    Something that many people overlook in a top luxury sedan is the space inside. Some newer cars are not as large as their predecessors, but still have a large amount of space inside the vehicle. The trunk, back seat, front drivers area and passenger area all contain impressive amounts of room for legs, baggage and other spacial needs.