• 6 Facts about Buying Used Luxury Rental Cars

    There are plenty of used luxury rental cars on the market today available at substantial savings. A lot of dealerships around the country are trying to sell off these luxury cars that have been used a rentals to use while the owner’s vehicle is being repaired. While it may sound like you are getting a fantastic deal on a Grand Marquis, Town Car or Cadillac, caution should be used if you are thinking about buying one. There are a lot of times when this may not be a bad deal, but there are always some things to look out for. Here are a few facts to know about buying a luxury auto that has been used as a rental car.

    1. Fresh Start Program Vehicles

    Many of these cars are being used throughout the country in programs that are labeled as a Fresh Start purchase. This means that people with bad credit can purchase these vehicles through dealer financing programs for rebuilding their credit. One of the parts of this program is that the car can also be returned at any time. They work on a rent to own type basis where the person pays a certain amount a week until the car is paid for, or they simply return it. Some of these cars can be returned several times and driven by many different owners.

    2. High Miles

    Rental cars are synonymous with having exceedingly high miles. For a luxury car that is being sold it is not uncommon to have in excess of 100,000 miles in just a few years. While this does not necessarily mean that the engine is on its last legs, engines today can run over 200,000 without many problems, it is something to think about. Putting on that many miles in just a few years brings other thoughts into the open.

    3. Lots of Use

    When a car is driven in excess of 100,000 miles in the span of just two or three years, means that it has been driven daily for many hours and miles per day. There are times when these luxury car rental vehicles are driven across the country multiple times a year. 

    4. Different Driving Styles

    Buying a used car that has had only one driver in its lifetime is a much better choice than a car that has been driven by hundreds of different people. Everyone has a different driving style and will either be easy on the vehicle, or can drive it pretty rough since it is not actually theirs.

    5. Maintenance Sheets

    If you are looking into buying a luxury car rental  that is now for sale on the dealers’ lot, you will want to check out the maintenance sheets. Check to see the normal maintenance like oil changes, air cleaner changes, spark plugs, use of fluids and tire changes. But, you should also look at things like recent repairs or problems that continue to occur every few months. 

    6. Interior Cleanliness

    Car rentals are not usually seen as being incredibly clean. Sure, they might be washed on a regular basis, but the interior can sometimes be rough. Make a thorough check of the interior for signs of stains, rips, and other damage.