• 5 Facts About Used Car Estimates

    If you are thinking about buying or selling a used car, you should definitely look into getting used car estimates. The quickest and most simple way to get an estimate car price is through the Internet, and three of the best car evaluation services are Kelley Blue Book, CarsDirect, and NADA. Each of these services offers free car estimates, which can help anybody who’s looking into selling or buying used cars. Here are 5 facts about used car estimates.

    1. Year, Make, Model, and Color Matter. Used cars vary widely, and so do their prices. The make, model, and year of the car are three of the most determining factors concerning a car’s value. The car’s color is also a factor, although usually to a smaller extent. Newer cars are generally more expensive than older models, and different trims will also gather different prices.

    2. Features Matter. In addition to the type of car, a car’s estimated value is also based on the included options. When a car has a premium audio system, power windows and locks, a sunroof and/or moonroof, and powered and heated leather seats, it should be worth a good amount more than a car that lacks such features.

    3. Condition Matters. You’ll get various estimates on used cars based on their condition. Both the appearance of the car and the functional qualities of the car are considered when the vehicle’s condition is evaluated. Cosmetic imperfections such as chipped or scratched paint, dents or dings in the bodywork, rust on the frame, and worn interiors will all help diminish a car’s value. Functional qualities are even more important, as the better a car runs, the more it will be worth.

    4. Method of Exchange Matters. When you’re getting a used car estimate, you’ll not only be quoted a price based on the type of car and it’s condition, but also the car’s method of exchange. Used car estimate services will give you prices based on whether the car will be sold at retail, privately, or traded in.

    5. Estimates Vary. When you’re getting estimates on a used car, it is wise to get as many as you can from as many different services as possible. It is likely that the estimates offered from each service will vary, but that can only help a potential buyer or seller get a better idea of a ballpark value of the vehicle.

    Getting used car estimates is a great way for a potential buyer or seller to gauge how much money a certain car is worth. If you use multiple car estimate services, you’ll be able to gain a good understanding of the average value of a car. You’ll know how much the value may vary, according to the car’s condition and method of sale, and you’ll feel more comfortable when making buying and selling decisions.