• 4 Reliable and Cheap Diesel Cars

    Buying cheap diesel cars is like shopping a candy store. There are so many diesel cars available currently and even though the prices of diesel fuel are more comparable to that of gasoline, diesel cars will give you better run for your money. They cost less to maintain and will give you up to 600 miles on a full tank.

    1 – Ford

    Ford make many models in diesel versions. You can opt for straightforward diesel or turbo diesels as well as manual or automatic transmission. There is no shortage of Ford vehicles, and you won’t have to travel far to find a cheap Ford diesel of your choice.

    2 – Volkswagen

    Volkswagens are recognized because of their defined style. Volkswagen makes models for the low end market, as well as high end vehicles, and they have set a benchmark in terms of prices over the last few decades. Their reliability is excellent and their fuel economic cars are a sure bet for people who wish to spend less and get more. Second hand Volkswagens are reasonably priced, and you can locate one near you at pretty much any dealership.

    3 – Toyota

    Toyota also produce volumes of reliable diesel cars for the mass market. Toyotas are particularly popular as family cars because of their big interiors. They sometimes appear small on the outside and yet, inside there is plenty leg room for all the passengers. The prices are extremely reasonable and again they are available in many second hand showrooms.

    4 – Diesels in General

    There seems to be a distinct lack of diesel cars available in the USA compared with the 80% of new models being produced in Europe. USA seems to be rather behind the times when it comes to 0 emissions, and it is about time they produced or imported European style diesels to clear the pollution. Diesel car fuel economy is far worth the outlay to the American market, and there are many buyers out there who would jump at the chance of purchasing a low emission, cheaper car.