• 4 Honda Fit Problems Every Buyer Needs to Be Aware Of

    Honda Fit problems can cause buyer’s remorse or even compromise your safety when driving the vehicle. It’s possible for any car to experience problems, but there are a few important points to consider if you own a Honda Fit or are thinking of buying one. This vehicle ranks very high by consumers and buyers as having excellent fuel economy, a versatile interior and a higher level of standard features. Overall, it’s an excellent choice of automobile, especially for drivers in small cities. There are, however, a few problem areas that may be key influences in your decision to purchase a Honda Fit.

    1. Honda Fit Recall

    A recall has been issued for Honda Fit problems with model year 2007 to 2008. The issue lies with the driver side master power window switch. If this switch comes into contact with excessive liquid from a spill or even a hard rainfall, the switch can overheat and cause a fire. Several incidents of this occurrence have been documented in the US, but no human injury has occurred. There has been one death outside of the country and the suspected cause was that of the subject of this recall. Some models will require a new switch, while the rest only need a water-tight skirt installed to keep the switch from coming into contact with liquid. Until more official information is released, drivers are advised to be conscious of the amount of liquid that falls onto the window switch and install window rain guards, if possible.

    2. Honda Fit Brake Problem

    While there is no official report of the Honda Fit having problems with the brake system, several Honda Fit and automobile forums suggest that a few are experiencing numerous questions and inconsistencies in this area. Many report the brakes to feel “soft” shortly after purchase. Others have had to return their vehicles to the dealer for ABS problems and malfunction. Keep in mind that anti-lock brakes will make an odd grabbing sound when in slick driving conditions. Also, you will need to break in the brake system by consciously working the new brake pads for about the first 200 miles put on the vehicle. If you experience problems beyond this, you may want to consider speaking with a mechanic.

    3. Honda Fit Weaknesses

    There are a few Honda Fit problems that may not be life-threatening, but may cause the buyer to reconsider following through with a purchase. The driver of this vehicle will tend to experience excessive road and wind noise. The smaller tires on the car wear rather quickly and the low front bumper may scratch more easily than that of other cars. The front seats lack a height adjustment which also may cause an inconvenience to the driver.

    4. Honda Fit Problems with Extended Warranty

    There are many reasons and many ways to purchase an extended warranty in case of Honda Fit problems. The decision to buy an extended warranty lies with your preference as a vehicle owner. Many people like the added security of knowing unexpected and expensive repairs will be taken care of. Others feel as though the reliability of any Honda model doesn’t warrant the extra $800 to $2000 for additional coverage.