• 4 Car Transport Services to Be Aware of: A Cost Comparison Guide

    When you have the option of several car transport services to choose from, it is useful to have a point of comparison to help you come to a decision. Being aware of the cost of options will help you to find a convenient and economical way to transport your car.  

    1 – Air

    Making use of car transport services that fly your car from one location to another is likely to be one of the more expensive options. The labor and practices necessary to load and unload a vehicle on and off a plane are extensive, which will only add to the cost of transportation.      

    2 – Road

    If it is possible to transport the car by road, you will be able to use car transport services that use a roll on roll off method. A car hauling transporter truck can carry several vehicles at the same time. The versatility of the trucks allow them to access a range of locations, rather than specific ports.

    3 – Rail

    Car shipping by train tends to be an inexpensive way to transport a vehicle, depending on the distance that it has to travel. The extensive number of railway lines and manner in which they are spread, will provide many destination options.

    4 – Sea

    Many car transport services providers use a ferry method when a car is being transported to a foreign country, which will also mean that delivery from the port is necessary. The cost will vary depending on the method used to transfer, but the roll on/roll off method will prove cheaper than a container.