• 4 Car Transport Companies that Specialize in Classic and Luxury Cars

    There are a range of car transport companies to choose from when you want to get your car from one country to another. However, there are a larger number of aspects to consider when selecting the right one for your high-end car, which makes it useful to know what companies specialize in transporting them.

    1 – All American Auto Transport

    Many car transport companies make use of technology to keep track of your vehicle during the transfer process, with AAAT being no exception. The company prides themselves on their ability to quickly and competently transport luxury cars. They work on a national and international basis and have departure locations from all major ports.  

    2 – Kentvale

    Kentvale are one of the car transport companies that can be used even if your classic car is not running, as they make use of all the necessary equipment to move the car. The use of fully enclosed transporters ensure the vehicles are protected, and 24 hour patrols are put in place when the vehicle needs to be stored. They handle all the paperwork necessary to transfer your car from one place to another.  

    3 – Nations Transport

    It is worth obtaining a car transport quote from Nations Transport, as they are consistently rated highly in tests for quality of service. In addition to specializing in transporting luxury and classic cars, they also provide other services to take care of all your needs.  

    4 – Autobahn Transportation Services

    As with other car transport companies, Autobahn Transportation Services are fully insured based on each car they ship and transport vehicles door to door. They offer both a national and international service.