• 4 Car Finance Deals to Avoid: The Truth About the Fine Print

    There are car finance deals in the market that you need to avoid, as this will save you thousands of dollars in the buying process. Whether deciding to buy a new or used car, car dealers will often present you with a confusing array of options that are supposed to make the deal unique and worthwhile. While some options are designed to make the ownership experience complete and hassle free, others are just a waste of money, as dealers impose a stiff price premium on various extras, or offers that are designed for the benefit of the dealer.

    Not all dealers are the same, but everyone will agree that car dealers are businessmen. They operate on the principle of profit making. You could save a lot of money by taking the necessary precautions involving used car loan deals.

    1. Being Offered a Car You Don’t Need

    It would be best not to settle for a single dealer alone. The Internet is a rich source of valuable information about car prices and will provide different options available for the informed car buyer. Information is power and a valuable weapon to bring when visiting the showroom floor. If you happen to know the average price of the car you want, then the dealer will have no chance to present you with an overpriced car. Remember to negotiate the selling price of the car and not the amount of monthly payments you can afford. If the final selling price is settled, then it would be proper to proceed with the financing options presented to you.

    2. Special Deals and Packages

    The dealer will often present you with a special package designed to make the offer more enticing, by offering freebies or special discounts on floor mats, window tints, glass treatment packages, nitrogen fill ups for the tires, etc. But a closer look at the fine print on these supposed freebies will reveal the truth behind the offer. While some packages are not entirely free, the car buyer could be slapped with an overpriced package that could be worth less when purchased outside the dealership. Most buyers negate the option right from the start, and save more money in the process.

    3. Super Low Monthly Schemes

    This type of option could either come with a high interest rate, an extended loan term or a mixture of both. Especially if a low or no down payment is required. This could only mean that you are sure to pay in excess of what the car is really worth. 

    4. No Down Payment

    This type of offer will try to entice you to take advantage of the car without plunking a down payment. Understand the fact that this type of financing scheme will always carry a high interest rate that is reflected in the high monthly payments incurred. A plan such as this will leave a huge dent in your monthly savings.

    Although car finance deals are designed to make car ownership easy, this does not mean that you have to pay a price premium for your car. Take the necessary precaution by studying the fine print and arming yourself with information before hitting the showroom floor.