• 3 Types of Toyota Sequoia Trim Options Available

    When buying a Toyota Sequoia, you’ll need to know about the different Sequoia trim options to help you decide which vehicle is best for you. With 3 different options to choose from – the Toyota SR5, Sequoia Limited and Sequoia Platinum – there’s certain to be a vehicle that nicely suits your needs. Read on to learn more about each individual trim level so you can make an informed decision as to the right level for you.

    1: The Toyota Sequoia SR5

    The SR5 is the base trim level for the Toyota Sequoia, but in this case, even the lowest available level is not lacking in comfort and convenience. Standard on the SR5 are:

    • V8 engine
    • Power steering and windows
    • 18″ alloy wheels
    • Automatic climate control for all three rows
    • Roof rack
    • Towing hatch
    • Moonroof
    • Stereo system with CD capabilities and an auxiliary jack for MP3 players

    See here for all the details. The SR5 gets an estimated 14 miles per gallon in cities and 19 mpg on the highway.

    As the base model, the Toyota Sequoia SR5 is the least expensive model available. For 2010, prices start at $39,030 for 2-wheel drive or $42,255 for 4-wheel drive.

    2: The Toyota Sequoia Limited

    The Limited takes everything included in the SR5 and offers even more:

    • Upgrading to 20-inch wheels and adding optitron gauges
    • An additional 6 speakers (14 instead of the SR5’s 8)
    • A leather-wrapped steering wheel
    • An optional rear-seat entertainment system
    • A power rear door
    • Leather-trimmed seats

    See more details here. Unlike previous years, the 2010 models of Toyota Sequoia retain the same fuel efficiency throughout the different trim levels, so you can still expect 14/19 miles to the gallon (city and highway, respectively).

    The downside is that all this luxury doesn’t come cheaply. The 2010 Toyota Sequoia Limited starts at $49,140 for 2-wheel drive and $52,365 for 4-wheel drive.

    3: The Toyota Sequoia Platinum

    As its name implies, the Toyota Sequoia Platinum is the best, most luxurious trim level available, packed full of all the extras Toyota has to offer. The exterior doesn’t have many changes, only an upgrade to the wheels, which are 20-inch, diamond-cut aluminum alloy. On the interior, though, all the extra features are readily apparent. The entertainment system comes standard on the Sequoia Platinum, along with leather-trimmed, perforated, heated seats in the front and second rows. All the features from the Sequoia Limited carry over as well: the leather-wrapped steering wheel, retractable sunshades and so on (see the details here). The starting price for the Toyota Sequoia Platinum is $56,180 or $59,405, for 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, respectively.

    The 3 available trims for the Toyota Sequoia cover a wide range of luxury add-ons and prices. Between these 3 well-equipped vehicles and with plenty of optional features to choose from, you can be sure to find a trim level that works for you.